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Lagos Nigeria

At  Enyenaweh, we  recognize the opportunity of the growing use of mobile technology to gather information as well as deliver services even to hard-to-reach locations. Therefore,  we are committed to utilizing these creative technologies and more for research innovation, evidence-based policy and program design in Nigeria.

We use publicly available datasets and conduct primary research  to provide insights that supports governance, public participation, service delivery, and inclusive economic progress in Nigeria and across West Africa.  We are focused on the reach and impact of our work, rather than scale. Therefore, our strategic goal is to increase the number of individuals and groups whose lives and livelihoods have improved due to our work.

In our early years of operation, we have explored and understudied different models and methodologies which have informed the pathways in which we engage our research, expert , decision-making, implementation and impact  audiences.


Utako, Abuja


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