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Our broad areas of work include primary and secondary research, monitoring and evaluation of programs, regulatory impact assessment, technical assistance for policymakers, predictive analytics and the design and deployment of tech-based innovations for survey, monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL), governance and service delivery.

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Our Research program focuses on Governance, Transparency, Participation, Accountability, Social Protection, Women Economic Empowerment, Public Service Delivery, Early Childhood Development,  Labour Migration, Environmental Security and Conflict, Nutrition and Food Security and the Nigerian Tech Sector,  Gender-responsive policies and Disability Rights


Across Africa, mobile telephony footprints  and  reach of internet connectivity are expanding. At Enyenaweh, we recognize this opportunity and we are committed to utilizing mobile and digital technologies to design and deploy innovations that promote citizens engagement, political participation, service delivery and protection of vulnerable populations, especially women and Children .



The communities we serve include decisionmakers at the national and sub-national levels of government;  advocacy and civil society organizations, international and multilateral development and humanitarian organizations, and vulnerable communities in Nigeria and across West Africa

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